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Q: If I know the rotation speed of the motor, how do I know the frequency value? Click the answer>>
Q: What are the voltages frequency grade for different countries? Click the answer>>
Q: MECHANICAL FORMULAS Click the answer>>
Q: How many different names of frequency inverter? Click the answer>>
Q: Which kind of voltages frequency grade Powtran can provide? Click the answer>>
Q: What is the best drive for my application? Click the answer>>
Q: Should I replace my old analog equipment with new digital equipment? Click the answer>>
Q: Will a variable frequency drive or variable speed drive save me money? Click the answer>>
Q: There are two kinds of noise filters available as Inverter accessories: the input noise filter and output noise filter. How are these filters used? Click the answer>>
Q: Is it necessary to select an Inverter with a capacity that is one class higher than the capacity of the motor being used? Click the answer>>


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